Weird crap I find on my dash


Sometimes I poop out drawings

I never thought girls liked Pokémon lol



no offense or anything but I want to set you on fire




how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A

oh my god

so we did community work for class today and met back up for lunch and at our table it was me, plus like six girls, and one guy. and he was talking about how their community leader was saying how some lady gave a lot to the college and, being sooo hilarious, he said SO SHE WAS A WHORE RIGHT LOL and none of the girls, including me, said anything to him, we just let him have his spill

then he said all girls should live with their parents until they meet a guy, so they can live with him, and that basically we were all wasting our time being in college because, as women, we weren’t amounting to anything

and i whirled around and said wow that’s really sexist? and all the girls suddenly piped up and were like YEAH THAT’S RIGHT HOW DARE YOU

and he looked at me like how dare you talk to me like that I’M A MAN OMG and he started yelling at me I’M NOT SEXIST WHAT ARE YOU SAYING I’M NOT SEXIST??? DON’T YOU WANT TO LIVE WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND ONE DAY

then i said and who said i liked men? 

then everyone, including the girls, looked at me like i was the most disgusting piece of trash they’d ever seen and the subject was dropped just like that




im all about having more body posi media but not when the message is “boys like curvy girls” because who fucking cares what boys like

Yoooo this


We NEED a Triforce.  So imagine my surprise when I learned the existence of another one.  Yours.  A Triforce based on such virtues as Power, Wisdom, and Courage.  To that end, I have guided your destiny, Hero of Hyrule.  

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